Palm Beach County Ethics

Palm Beach County Commission on Ethics

Palm Beach County Commission on Ethics

Sarah L. Shullman - Chair Bryan Kummerlen - Vice Chair Michael S. Kridel Rodney G. Romano Peter L. Cruise

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Next Meeting:

Monthly Meeting - Thursday, February 7, 2019- 1:30 p.m. - Palm Beach County Robert Weisman Governmental Center - 6th floor BCC Chambers

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Recent Updates:

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Volunteer Advocates

The Commission on Ethics, in conjunction with the Legal Aid Society, has begun a pro bono volunteer advocate program to prosecute ethics complaints in Palm Beach County.  Volunteer advocates have significant courtroom experience in criminal law practice, both as state prosecutors and defense attorneys.  This program offers significant savings to the taxpayer without sacrificing experience, knowledge and expertise in the handling of ethics cases.   Pro bono volunteer advocates include:

  • Dodger Arp, Esquire
    Law Offices of Dodger Arp, PA
  • Flynn Bertish, Esquire
    Salnick, Fuchs & Bertisch, P.A.
  • Theron Hardee Bass, III, Esquire
    Searcy, Denney, Scarola & Barnhart & Shipley, P.A.
  • Thomas M. Bates, Esquire
    Thomas M. Bates, P.A.
  • John B. Cleary, Esquire
    John B. Cleary , P.A.
  • Kaili Fouts, Esquire
    Eisenberg & Fouts, P.A.
  • Matt E. Haynes
    Lytal Reiter Smith Ivey & Fronrath
  • Melynda Melear, Esquire
    Attorney General's Office
  • Brian P. Sullivan, Esquire
    Sullivan Law, P.A.